Family Lawyer Victoria BCMichael Butterfield J.D.

Collaborative Lawyer and Mediator

Michael Butterfield is a family lawyer in Victoria BC. He has over 15 years experience in family law. He has successfully resolved cases throughout British Columbia and the Yukon.

Michael is an accredited Parenting Co-Ordinator in BC. He uses his 16 years of experience as a family lawyer to help high conflict parents work together for the good of their children.

Micheal is also accredited as a Civil Mediator through MediateBC. He practises in the areas of contract, construction and personal injury mediation.

Michael mainly focuses on resolving conflicts without the need and expense of court proceedings. Read more about Michael

Jayne Embree M.A.

Divorce Coach and Child Specialist

Jayne holds a Masters in Clinical Psychology. She is also trained in Collaborative Law and is a highly experienced Divorce Coach and Child Specialist. Her work with young children gives her unique insight in to parenting during separation.

Currently on sabbatical, Jayne is conducting research in the area of family dynamics and parental conflict.



Jayne and Michael have been married for 17 years and enjoy using their diverse skills to assist clients. She says “working with your husband can be difficult, but we have great communication and we believe in the work we are doing.”

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