What does it cost?

Our bespoke legal services can be tailored to fit
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What will it cost?

We only perform the services you request. Clients often ask, “What will it cost me?” This is a difficult question to answer until we meet and discuss your matter. At the first meeting, we will discuss your needs and your budget.

Our Approach

We use a value-based billing approach. With most files, this is often accomplished by flat fee or subscription services. Below are some sample flat fee services. A subscription is often used when individuals need ongoing support and want to be able to get help a number of times spread out over several months.

Service Agreements and Technology

We ensure our clients fully understand the services that we will provide and the cost for those services. This is outlined in the Service Agreement. If a fee is not in the agreement, you will not be charged for that service unless you agree in advance and in writing. In a value-based approach, there should be no surprises.

We can provide affordable services by utilizing technology. We use advanced industry programs to minimize costs and improve service. We send invoices and correspondence by email. You can pay your bill online with our LawPay platform. Our goal is great service.


We want you to be in control. Therefore, we do not act as your legal representative unless you specifically authorize us to do so. We will not negotiate on your behalf, bind you to any agreements, sign documents, or communicate with the court, other lawyers, or any other party unless you tell us to.  This keeps you in control and avoids run away costs.

If you authorize us to act on your behalf when dealing with the court, lawyers, or other third parties, we will be clear that our involvement is limited and that you still represent yourself.

Client privilege and protections

Some people worry that, by using unbundled services or legal coaching, they will not have the same client protections as a full service client.  Regardless of the service you choose, you have the same legal protection as any other client. You are protected by solicitor/client privilege and we have to act in your interest. It does not matter if we coach you on a dispute resolution strategy, ghost write a letter for you, or run a trial – you are protected.


Flat Fee Scenarios

0The following is not an exhaustive list of services. Rates do not include tax and are based upon the client ensuring that the lawyer has all of the material required to complete the task. Some of these services require an initial, in-person legal consultation.*




Notarizing Affidavits $50
Drafting a Response to Family Claim $350
Drafting Ghost Letters $250
Drafting Demand Letters $250
Drafting a List of Documents (less that 15 items) $900
Attending Court for 1st Appearance $300-$600
Attending Court as Agent for Adjournment $300-$600
Drafting a Notice of Family Claim $750
Drafting a Counterclaim $750
Employment Contracts $950
Home Renovation Contracts (less than $50,000) $950
Financial Statements $600-$1,200
Legal Consultation $400
Preparing Affidavits 1-5 pages $500-$1,500
Preparing for a Case Conference $850-$1,500
Attending a Case Conference $950-$1,500
Separation Agreement (without children) $2,000
Desk Order Divorce (without children) $2,000 including filing fees
Cohabitation and Marriage Agreements $2,000
Incorporation (BC) $3,500
New Build Contracts (cost+) $3,500
New Build Contracts (fixed fee) $4,500
1/2 Day Hearing (Provincial Court) $4,500
1/2 Day BC Supreme Court Appearance $4,500


*The cost of an initial legal consultation is $400 plus tax.  This is required for our lawyer to assess your legal rights, obligations, and options, and to advise you appropriately.

Subscription Scenarios

Orrin owns a restaurant and needs to go to a lawyer every few months to discuss many different problems ranging from employee theft, employment contracts, issues with his liquor license, and his landlord. Over the last few years, he has only consulted a lawyer on the “big” issues. Unfortunately, a few “little” issues were ignored and became far more serious. He did not consult his lawyer on the “little” issues because of the cost.

Orrin purchased a 12-month subscription, which meant that he could call anytime to get immediate advice on all of his issues. The cost worked out to be $165 per month.

Sue wanted to complete her own divorce. She had all of the necessary documents, but she was unsure of the procedure. When her first try was rejected by the court, she sought help. Sue purchased a three-month coaching package for $125 per month. For this, we reviewed and corrected the court documents. She looked after filing the documents and having them properly served. We prepared and notarized the Divorce Affidavit and prepared the divorce package to be submitted to the court.

Karl was having his house renovated. The contractor sent him a bill for $45,000 more than the price they had agreed upon. Karl is now being sued in small claims court. Karl had been quoted $15,000 to $20,000 to have a lawyer run the case, but he chose to represent himself. Karl had two consultations, for $800, to learn about his rights and develop a trial strategy. He then chose an 18-month subscription plan at $100 per month for ongoing advice. This was extended by three months as the case took longer to get to trial. He also decided that he did not want to attend the settlement conference alone, so he used a flat fee service of $450 to have a lawyer attend the conference. He also paid for additional research at $200 and additional drafting at $350. His total legal bill came to $3,900.

Subscription prices are based on your individual situation, and vary as circumstances change. The subscription agreement will clearly define the scope of work. We will not increase the scope of work without your written agreement. This means that you will never get a nasty surprise when you open your invoice.

Additional Information

Do I have to pay a retainer and can I have credit?

We want our legal services to be affordable and predictable. We do not ask for large retainers. Some firms will ask for $3,000 to $5,000 up front. What we ask for is the agreed cost of service. For example, if you retain us to complete a desk order divorce, the cost is $1,500 plus tax for a total of $1,680. This is the amount we request. If you are on a monthly subscription, we only request the cost of the subscription one month in advance.

Most of our clients pay by credit card or e-transfer. When we receive your money, we will render you an invoice or keep your money in a trust account, regulated by the Law Society of British Columbia, until we bill you. The trust account is fully insured and your money is safe. For more information from the Law Society of BC, click here.

We do not offer credit. When businesses offer credit, they invariably end up not being paid by some clients. The losses created by these bad debts are passed on to the other clients. By not offering credit, we remove the risk and pass the savings on to you.

What are disbursements?

Disbursements are expenses directly related to the delivery of legal services. They are normally expenses like filing fees, file opening fees, DivorceMate fees, service of documents, etc. In some cases, we pay the disbursements. For example, in our Desk Order Divorce, we pay the court filing fees, DivorceMate, and file opening fees. The client is responsible for serving the documents. However, if the other spouse agrees to come to our office, we will serve the documents at no additional cost. Where disbursements are extra, we will provide those details in your Service Agreement. Our goal is to never surprise you with an extra cost.

How will I pay my bill?

On flat fee services, you are billed at the commencement of the work. You will receive an invoice for the agreed amount. Flat fee services are deemed earned at the commencement of the work.  For other services, you will receive an itemized bill.  In some cases, these are quite detailed. In others, the invoice will only reflect the completion of the work. If you have any questions about your invoice, please contact our office.

You can pay your fees by credit card or e-transfer. We do accept cheques.  However, there are Law Society limits on how much cash we can accept. If you wish to pay cash, please contact our office in advance

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