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Separation is never easy. We are here to help.
You get to decide how much help you need.
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1. High quality services tailored to individual needs
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Family Law Options

Families going through separation are often very stressed, both emotionally and financially. In most cases, there are better options than the traditional court process. Currently, a five-day trial is estimated to cost each party in excess of $60,000 and take years to come to a resolution. Negotiation, Mediation, Collaborative Law, and Arbitration are effective family law options that can reduce the cost, conflict, and chaos of a traditional divorce.

The process

Our approach is to try and settle family law disputes before they explode. We are often able to reach a settlement, which allows the parties to remain cordial. You may never be friends again, but you may have to continue a relationship in the future, especially if you have children.

The first step is a free telephone consult to make sure we can provide you with the services you need. This is normally scheduled within a few days of contacting our office.

The next step is meeting. We review your unique situation and provide you with a clear understanding of your rights and obligations. We also work with you to define you goals and to protect your interests.  This is normally done in an initial consultation for $400 plus tax.

At the initial consultation, we will outline your options and advise you on the relevant law. We will discuss with you what services we can offer and advise you of what other services are available, like mediation or arbitration.

You decide how much help you need

Every family law matter comes with its own financial pressures. As families transition from paying for one household to paying for two, these pressures increase. You will get to decide how we can help. You can come to us for advice, for help preparing documents or strategy, or for full representation. You make the choice of which services you need and which services you want us to provide. We will give you upfront pricing and try to minimize the financial burden of separation.


Cost is always an important factor. Many clients will set a budget for legal services and we will work out what we can provide within that budget. Other clients will use us like a consultant. They will have us in their corner when they need us and only pay us for the time they use.

Our bespoke unbundled legal services are designed to save you time and money.
Contact us to find out how.

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