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We provide our clients with as much or as little legal support as they need.

Flexible, affordable family law options.

We provide effective family law options that can reduce the cost,
conflict, and chaos of a traditional divorce.

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We can help you resolve conflict without court, saving you time and money.

We can help your small business.

We provide small businesses with fast and effective answers
to legal questions while controlling costs.

About Butterfield Law

Butterfield Law offers bespoke legal services. Unlike traditional law firms, we unbundle our services. We let you decided what services you want and which services you need us to perform. You do not end up paying for things you could easily do yourself.

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What we offer

adjective BRITISH
1. High quality services tailored to individual needs
1. Providing individual services which are usually offered as a package

Services that cater to you

We understand that resolving legal matters can be expensive. We designed bespoke legal service packages to fit all budgets and levels of need. By unbundling legal services, we provide you with the specific services you need.

Separation made simple

Negotiation, Mediation, Collaborative Law, and Arbitration are effective family law options that can reduce the cost, conflict, and chaos of a traditional divorce.

Our legally speaking blog

Income Tax and Spousal Support

Tax and spousal support is often overlooked when couples separate. This is important, as it is one of the few areas where a family can benefit from a tax reduction. Who doesn't want to pay fewer taxes? Generally speaking, spousal support is tax-deductible for the...

Recent Articles by Michael Butterfield

Michael Butterfield is a well respected writer on legal issues. He is recognised by many of his peers as an authority in dispute resolution and access to justice. The following articles have been published in the Canadian Bar Association Journal. Making Mediation...

Success stories

Michael helped me negotiate a separation agreement. He was compassionate and understanding. Michael was really thorough. We settled child support, access, guardianship and property. It was a stressful time, but Michael help us through it. I would highly recommend him.

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