Domestic Violence Screening Materials

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MASIC-4 Domestic Violence Screening Materials

Please find the MASIC-4 material below as described in Michael Butterfield’s August 2020 BarTalk article. If you have not read the article, please click here.

The material is provided free of charge. It is designed to assist lawyers, mediators, and other family dispute resolution professionals create a safe and equitable environment to resolve conflict.

For research purposes, we would appreciate you providing your contact information. Our research normally takes the form of a brief (less than 3 minutes) ‘SurveyMonkey’ poll. If you would like to participate in this process, please email

If you have any questions, please contact Jayne Embree at Victoria Mediation Services.


MASIC-4 Material

  1. Instructions for Using the MASIC-4
  2. MASIC-4 Party Evaluation
  3. MASIC-4 Mediator Case Evaluation
  4. Clinic Confidential Intake Form


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  • Special thanks to Amy Holtzworth-Munroe, Connie J. A. Beck, and Amy G. Applegate for their creative and inspiring work on the MASIC.
  • Special thanks to Michael Butterfield for disseminating this material and for the BC Family Mediation VAW Project and the Law Foundation of British Columbia for tackling and funding this important research.
  • Thanks to Connie J. A. Beck of the University of Arizona and Lynda E. Frost of the University of Texas at Austin for their insightful analysis.
  • Thanks to the BC Branch of the Canadian Bar Association and BarTalk for their continued support of ADR and access to justice.
  • Thanks to Dr. Katrina Milaney and Nicole Williams for their comprehensive and thought provoking research.

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