Taking the Mystery out of Legal Fees

Chances are that, if your only experience with lawyers is watching Law and Order or Ally McBeal, the cost of legal fees may come as a shock.  Most people do not give much thought to the cost of hiring a lawyer, until they need one. It is good to remember…

Car Crash 101-What next?

IN A CAR CRASH TIME MATTERS  STEP 1 – After a car crash think “Safety First” It is safe to do so, move the vehicles off the road. If anyone is injured in the car crash, call 911. STEP 2 – Details  Record information: Driver’s name, licence number, contact information;…

Top 10 Ways To Reduce Your Legal Bill

Top 10 Ways To Reduce Your Legal Bill

A woman’s journal is open and she has drawn a picture of a dollar sign, as she thinks about how she is going to afford her legal fees.