Family mediation works

What starts off as a war can end in a handshake.

Is Family Mediation right for you?

This is an important question. Many people want to try family mediation because they fear going to court. This is understandable as court is expensive and time consuming.

Is Family Mediation the answer?

In most the answer is yes. The research shows that Mediation is successful approximately 82% of the time. It is also a lot quicker and give the participants great control of the process. So, how do you make it work for you? The first step is to select a qualified mediator. It is really important to use an experienced professional to help you decide if mediation is right for you and your spouse.

Part of the screening process is to determine whether mediation will work for you. This involves looking at the reasons for picking mediation and your knowledge of the process. The other key component is whether or not your partner is agreeable to family mediation and why.

For mediation to be successful, the participants must be committed to the process. The process is not about reaching a quick settlement. Rather, it is about identifying the real needs of the participants. People start with Positions. The role of the Mediator is to identify what interests these positions serve, and to help both parties achieve those interests together.

For example, a wife may take a position that “they must keep the family home”. The husband may take the position that “it must be sold”.   The wife’s interests may be that there is strong sentimental attachment to the house. Alternatively, she may see owning the house as a form of financial security. The husband’s interests may be in getting their share of the equity to start over.

By identifying the real needs, or interests, of the spouses, a Mediator will help them brainstorm solutions that meet both of their goals. Sometimes, those needs cannot be met through mediation, but in over 90% of cases, mediation works. We make mediation simple.

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