Winter Olympic's CEO John Furlong

John Furlong, former Vancouver Winter Olympics CEO,

FURLNG UPDATE – March 30, 2015:  

The third and last complainant against Mr. Furlong failed to appear in Court today.  As a result, the BC Supreme Court Judge dismissed the case.  This is the third and final allegation of abuse against Mr. Furlong that has collapsed.

John Furlong, former Vancouver Winter Olympics CEO, appears to be making progress in his effort to defend himself against allegation of sexual, physical, and emotional abuse against young students in Northern B.C.

Laura Robinson, freelance writer, initiated a public relations nightmare for Furlong when she alleged that he had abused several students when he was teaching at a Burns Lake catholic elementary school between 1969 and 1970.  The story was first published by the Georgia Straight, in September of 2012.

Following the article, three people filed civil claims in B.C. Supreme Court, alleging that Mr. Furlong abused them:  Beverly Mary Abraham, Grace West, and a man who has asked not to be identified.  On December 19, 2014, Ms. Abraham requested that the court dismiss her lawsuit.  Mr. Gratl, the lawyer who was jointly representing all three parties, has since withdrawn from the case.

The date for the civil action for personal injury has been set for March 30, 2015.  The remaining two plaintiffs may find alternative counsel, or may represent themselves, should they choose to continue with their case.

Mr. Furlong’s lawyer, Claire Hunter, has applied to dismiss the West case.  That application will be heard by the court on January 29, 2015.

Records from an application for compensation relating to residential abuse indicated that the male plaintiff was never a student at the Burns Lake School where Mr. Furlong taught Physical Education, but rather that he attended Lejac Residential School in Fraser Lake.  The Toronto Globe and Mail newspaper has reported that this plaintiff had been convicted for fraud in the past.

The R.C.M.P. has investigated the allegation of abuse against Mr. Furlong, but have not charged him with any offence.  Mr. Furlong’s December 5, 2013 affidavit reports, “I can tell you the RCMP have concluded their investigation into the matter and found nothing to substantiate the complaint.”

Other outstanding court activity involving Mr. Furlong include:

-Mr. Furlong’s lawsuit for libel, against Ms. Robinson (date not yet set), and;

-Ms. Robinson’s lawsuit for defamation, against Mr. Furlong (set for June 2015).

John Furlong is currently the Executive Chair of the Vancouver Whitecaps soccer team.  He is an Officer of the Order of Canada, and also has been awarded with the Order of British Columbia. 

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