BC Family Court & Covid-19

BC Family Court & Covid-19

The Court Registry windows for help and information for Provincial and Supreme Court matters in the Victoria BC courthouse.

Excluded Property In Separation: How Does It Work?

Excluded property in BC can be tricky.  Generally, excluded property is property owned by one spouse prior to the relationship.  Most times, this involves a house that one person bought before they married, or began living together. However, the term “excluded property” also applies to valuable art, inheritance, or other…

Taking the Mystery out of Legal Fees

Chances are that, if your only experience with lawyers is watching Law and Order or Ally McBeal, the cost of legal fees may come as a shock.  Most people do not give much thought to the cost of hiring a lawyer, until they need one. It is good to remember…

Top 5 Myths About Child Custody

Top 5 Myths About Child Custody MYTH #1.  ” Mothers always get custody of the children.” TRUTH:  Shared Guardianship is the most common arrangement when the parents are separated.  This may not mean equal parenting time, but both parents will be involved in making major decisions for their children. MYTH #2….