Contract Mediation Benefits Outweigh Court

“Contract mediation does not focus on who is right or wrong, but is a way of finding solutions”, says Victoria Lawyer and Mediator Michael Butterfield. Mediation is often used to correct an error or misunderstanding in a contract. The purpose of mediation can be to repair a contractual relationship, or to end a contract….

Top 4 Free Services for Family Law

There are free services available to help families in many aspects of family law.  These services help to compliment those that a Lawyer or Mediator can provide. The following are what we, at Butterfield Law, believe are the most useful free services for families: 1.LEGAL AID:  Can’t afford a lawyer…

Thinking of Divorce? Financial Information you need.

BC courts require that you complete a sworn Financial Statement. Family Lawyer and Mediator, Michael Butterfield says, “These statements are important tools, and are often what the court will depend on to make decisions regarding property division, as well as child and spousal support. If you are attending mediation or…

Top 5 Tips For Negotiation

Negotiation occurs when two parties communicate to resolve a problem.  It is based on the principal of “give and take”, and an assumption that both parties have equal decision making capabilities. People negotiate things every day.  When you barter the price for something you wish to buy, you are negotiating….