Black BMW

VicPD are asking for your help to find a Hit & Run driver in Victoria

A Hit & Run incident, on Wednesday March 4, occurred when a pedestrian was struck by a Black BMW. The incident happened on a crosswalk at Pandora and Broad Street.  Instead of calling police, the Hit & Run driver drove the victim home.

The driver of the Black BMW, who is described as 20-30 year old Caucasian man. He has short hair and tatooed arms. He is described as being approximately 5 foot 11, and 180-200 pounds.  The Hit  & Run driver did stop and offer the victim assistance, along with some other witnesses.  However, he did not provide any information regarding his name, drivers’ licence, or vehicle registration.

The victim was dropped off at his Kings Road residence, and staff at the man’s home called an ambulance to look after his medical needs.  Police were then contacted.  The victim was described as having non-life threatening injuries.

Victoria Police are making efforts to identify the driver in this accident.

Victims of hit & run accidents are still entitled to compensation for personal injuries (and vehicle damage, when another vehicle is involved).  These claims are governed by Section 24 of the Insurance (Vehicle) Act.

Victims can improve their chances of receiving adequate compensation (up to $200,000) for medical and therapy treatments, lost work, and the like, by taking steps to identify the at-fault driver.  In some cases, victims post signs to locate witnesses, place an ad in the newspaper, or even knock on nearby doors to gather more information.

Hit and run victims must also notify the Insurance Company of B.C. (I.C.B.C.) in writing. There are deadlines for such responses.

If you are the victim of a Hit & Run accident, Butterfield Law recommends that you seek medical attention immediately.  In cases such as these, the police should be called and driver information collected at the scene.  Then, contact a lawyer for advice.

Anyone who can offer the police more information on this incident, which took place at 10:45 on Wednesday March 4, 2015, on the intersection Pandora Avenue and Broad Street can call:

Victoria Police at 250-995-7654 or

Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS


Jayne Embree, M.A.

Jayne holds a Masters in Psychology and is a highly experienced Divorce Coach and Child Specialist. Currently on sabbatical, Jayne is conducting research in the area of family dynamics and parental conflict.

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