UPDATE:  Tineke Kraal pled guilty to one criminal charge of mischief rendering property dangerous, useless or inoperative.  She received a suspended sentence, 3 years probation, and is required to complete 150 hours of community service, as a result of endangering mountain bikers on North Vancouver trails.

Tineke Kraal is facing the criminal charge of Mischief to Property Likely to Cause Death, after allegedly sabotaging trails on North Vancouver’s Mount Fromme.  Her actions are said to have endangered mountain bikers using the trail.

Mrs. Kraal was arrested by R.C.M.P. early in the morning of January 4, 2015, at the Quarry Court trailhead.  Kraal’s lawyer, Martin Peters, appeared in court on her behalf on February 18, 2015.  Two other related charges were dropped.

Mrs. Kraal was allegedly filmed laying logs, branches, and rocks on two popular North Shore biking and hiking trails near the Lower Skull and Quarry Court areas.  The two mountain bikers who set up the remote security cameras subsequently took the evidence to the North Vancouver R.C.M.P. and charges of endangering life were laid.

Youtube video of the Lower Skull trail shows a treacherous decent, even without obstructions.

Mrs. Kraal’s next court appearance is scheduled for April 15, 2015.  If she were to be found guilty, Kraal could face up to 6 months in jail and a $5,000 fine.

The accused’s husband, Ronald Kraal, has reportedly been “at war with mountain bikers” for years, according to NSMB.com editor Cam McRae.  Conflicts have focused on hikers and bikers sharing the trails, and parking issues near the trails.

“They’re making a mountain out of a molehill,” said Mr. Kraal to the National Post, minimizing the charges faced by his wife.

The District of North Vancouver is currently in the process of reviewing its policies regarding the sharing of trails by hikers and mountain bikers.


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