What To Include in a Cohabitation Agreement

A man and woman sit at a table amongst balls of rolled up paper trying to agree and make a list of things they need to include in a cohabitation agreement.

Divorce & Summer Holidays

Divorce & Summer Holidays

Three smiling young children splash in the water of a pool during their summer holidays.

Back To School With Separated Families

Separation and Back To School Getting children and families set up for school year schedules after a long summer break is complicated for everyone.  When you add separation into the equation, planning can only get more complicated.  Everyone involved wants the back to school process to be as smooth as…

Contract Mediation Benefits Outweigh Court

“Contract mediation does not focus on who is right or wrong, but is a way of finding solutions”, says Victoria Lawyer and Mediator Michael Butterfield. Mediation is often used to correct an error or misunderstanding in a contract. The purpose of mediation can be to repair a contractual relationship, or to end a contract….

Extraordinary Expenses

Extraordinary expenses are those costs above and beyond what would normally be covered by child support. They are governed under Section 7 of the Federal Child Support Guidelines. What kinds of things potentially qualify as extraordinary expenses? childcare needed due to the custodial parent’s employment, illness, or education medical premiums,…